Cross Training

Cross training is defined as using  different modes of exercise to develop physical fitness.

Benefits of Cross training:

Reduce the risk of injury:  Using only one mode of exercise can lead to overuse injuries from the repetitive movement patterns.  This causes stress on bones, joints and ligaments in the body specific to the type of exercise.

Enhance Weight Loss:  You need to burn extra calories to reduce your weight.  Cross training helps by allowing you a longer workout.  You could do 30 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the stationary bike.  Breaking up the mode allows you to workout longer if you are not capable of doing one particular mode of exercise for 60 minutes.

Active Recovery:  While the body needs total rest at times active rest is another way to become more fit.  By doing a different mode of exercise than you usually do the body recovers from the demands of your traditional exercise while you  become even more fit using a different mode. example:  runner/walker take a  day off from running and walking and lift weights, take a Yoga class, play racquetball, take a Pilates class, or just try a different piece of cardio equipment.

Motivation:  Doing the same exercise over and over (even if it’s something you love) can become boring.  Trying something new can rejuvenate your fitness routine.

Conditioning:  Mixing things up gives you more strength, power, efficiency, and greater training volume.

These are just a few reasons to mix it up and cross train.  Midtown offers so many different modes of exercise for you to choose from that there is no reason not to cross train starting today.  Check out our wide variety of group exercise classes, our sports performance equipment room, or our varied cardio equipment choices.




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