April is Stress Awareness/Management Month

Tips to Managing Stress

  • Know your limits – Taking  on more than you can handle is asking for stress.  Learning to say no is important.
  • Alter stressful situations – Finding a way to change things can help prevent a stressful situation from reoccurring.
  • Try changing how you  react – Try to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective.  Reflect on all the things in your life that you appreciate.
  • Nurture yourself – Set aside time to relax daily, do something you enjoy.
  • Increase your resistance to stress – Exercise daily and eat a healthy diet

Stress is defined as mental, emotional, or physical tension or strain.  Too much stress can negatively impact your health.  Spending more time in a lower gear, and looking a the positive aspect of a situation helps to lower and manage stress.

Yoga involves gentle movement, deep breathing and being mindful.  Research shows people who practice Yoga several times a week may receive health benefits including stress relief.

Check out our group exercise schedule and join one of our yoga classes.

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