March is National Nutrition Month

 Eating right does not have to be difficult.

Below are seven steps to get you on your way to healthier eating.

  • Eat 5 + servings of vegetables a day


  • Eat limited portions of whole grains and cut refined carbs  ( white rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, bread)


  • Eat three servings of fruit a day 


  • Include lean protein at every meal (think fish, beans, eggs and egg whites, lean meat and lean poultry, low fat dairy


  • Trade good fat for bad—(bad-saturated fats found in full fat cheese, most red meat, butter, margarine –  trans fat found in processed foods that contain hydrogenated oil) (good—fat found in nuts, avocados, olive and canola oil, flax-seeds and fish)


  • Portion control – 1/2 plate non-starchy veggies, 1/4 plate lean protein, 1/4 plate complex carb. choice.  


  • Eating whole foods and reduce highly processed foods, read labels if ingredient list is endless with a lot of names that sound like chemicals, don’t buy the product.

Spring into good nutrition this March with these nutrition tips.

 Eat well and stay healthy.


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