A quick update regarding World Gym. I want to be clear that Midtown did not merge with World Gym. Midtown agreed to honor Worlds members contracts. World gym closed did not merge. We simply are allowing World members to continue working out under their present contract at Midtown. I hope this clears things up. This happened literally over night. 

2 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Hi Marie, Will former World Gym members need to sign a new contract with Midtown? If we decide not to join Midtown, do we just stop our automatic monthly payments with our bank? Also, I’m not sure if everyone is charged the same day, but my bank account was charged November 30 for the month of December. Did they do that to all members and run with the money? This is disturbing. I do, however, appreciate Midtown graciously honoring World Gym member contracts. Thank you. Will be by soon to check out Midtown. I’d also be interested in more weekend classes, especially zumba. Thanks. Christine M.

    1. World members will need to fill out s membership form. Egypt members will fill out our contract just stating we need a 30 day notice for cancellation. Your contract with World pricing will carry over. We will pull on the 15 of the month covering the month we’re in.

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