Notice to World Members

Midtown will be billing eft for the month of January by the 15th of the month.  As we are honoring your membership contracts they will automatically transfer over to our system provided you did not cancel or have unpaid dues from previous gym.  If the former is the case you must let us know if you want to stay a member with Midtown and we will need your new billing information asap.  If you have not cancelled but do not want to continue as a member of midtown beginning in January you must let us know asap so we can cancel you out of our system before we bill.  We hope you will be happy here at Midtown and look forward to servicing you fitness needs.

Any 1 year memberships from World will be honored without any free months.

Happy Healthy New Year




7 thoughts on “Notice/Updates

  1. My name is Ilias Gavardinas and I want to know if I am member at your gym. Because I go at world gym but closed so . Let me know please

  2. Hi, I wanted to buy a month for my son who already has a membership number but his trial has expired. Can I pay online?


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